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Sepai V6.9 Redensify Pro Tune it Booster 2.7ml

Customise and supercharge your skincare regime with the Sepai V6.9 Redens Pro Tune it Booster; a redensifying shot designed to redefines, plumps and recovers lost volume to the facial contours to visibly restore a more youthful complexion. Naturally potent, the volumising formula achieves this with a powerful combination of Jimo root (a plant used in TCM that’s known for its undeniably effective ability to revive ageing, more details...

Sepai V6.9 Redensify Pro Tune it Booster 2.7ml
  • Department: Health & Beauty
  • Sale Starts:27 Oct 2019
  • Sale Ends:21 Oct 2020
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