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3INA 24H Pen Eye Liner

Perfect the feline flick with the 3INA The Matte Pen Eyeliner; a highly-pigmented liquid eyeliner pen in soot-black with a 24-hour matte finish. Gliding on with an extra tip for ultra-precise application, the Matte Pen delivers waterproof colour to lids that dries rapidly without smudging, creasing or bleeding. Create super-sharp wings, sultry cat-eyes and abstract lines with total ease and maximum control. Paraben-free. Vegan. No animal cruelty.
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3INA 24H Pen Eye Liner
  • Department: Health & Beauty
  • Store: Look Fantastic
  • Sale Starts:26 Nov 2020
  • Sale Ends:03 Dec 2020
Retail Price €8.33 Reference: 24633611723
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